Tiny House

About the Project

Certainly one of the more unusual projects we’ve been involved in, the size of this 2.5×5.5m Tiny House was limited to the specially made trailer on which it’s built. 


The overall weight of the Tiny House was a key factor in every decision too, from the initial design phase through to the manufacturing process, as the trailer must adhere to strict towing weight limits when it’s on the move.


In order to protect the Tiny House without weighing it down, the whole thing is externally clad in 0.5mm thick steel, which we sprayed juniper green so that the house doesn’t look out of place in the rural woodland in which it now resides.


We also saved weight inside the house by using a special fire-resistant, lightweight plywood for the internal cladding and cabinetry. We decided to stain the plywood doors and cupboard drawers grey to add colour and contrast instead of using grey valchromat which would have added unnecessary weight. All of the plywood used inside was then finished with a clear lacquer to protect it and give the space a bright and airy atmosphere.


The plywood staircase also doubles up as storage, housing a small wardrobe and cupboard with cut out handles as well as a recessed USB charging point. At the top of the staircase is the mezzanine sleeping level that, along with a series of plywood shelves built into the wall, houses a cupboard containing many of the Tiny House’s utilities such as the fuse board, water pump and power bank.


As well as being weight efficient, the Tiny House is energy conscious too. The space is heated by a log burner with a built-in wood store, powered by a series of solar panels on the roof. The kitchen features a compact oven and a combination fridge-freezer and the bathroom includes a composting toilet along with a fully pressurised shower.