Side By Side Fitout

About the Project

This project saw us collaborating closely with design studio Side by Side, who already had strong ideas about how they wanted their bespoke office furniture to look within their work space.


We worked together to design a complete kitchen, their central desk, a custom bench and a uniquely expandable mess table. Every piece incorporates dark grey valchromat to bring the whole office together stylistically.


In this small office kitchen, space is a luxury so we made sure to integrate all of their appliances into our design. The birch ply carcasses are finished with dark grey valchromat worktops and doors featuring a simple yet elegant finger-pull handle to keen the look clean and avoid any unexpected snags.


Capable of seating up to eight people, the communal desk is the heart of Side by Side’s office space and its sizeable birch ply carcass required a steel substructure to support the cantilevered ends. The whole unit is clad in the same dark grey valchromat as the rest of the office furniture with the spray lacquered worktop featuring integrated powerpoints and USB connectivity. However, the first thing you’ll notice is the statement divider in the middle. Cut on our in house CNC machine, it’s part bookcase, part divider, part sculpture and all without depriving half the office of natural light.


Side by Side had some specific requests for the large bench behind the desk. It needed plenty of seating, ample storage space and, a first for us at Kerf, a built-in dog house. In order to reinforce the structure we used extra thick birch ply for the framework, which we then clad in dark grey valchromat and finished with the same 10% sheen spray lacquer as the central desk. A cosy space for the dog is flanked by extra deep drawers with finger pull handles on Blum soft-close runners so the dog can snooze in peace.


Last but by no means least is the mess table. The substantial birch ply chassis houses numerous valchromat drawers on soft-close runners and supports a chunky valchromat worktop which was laminated to protect it from whatever Side by Side can throw at it. The whole unit can also be split in two, with both halves on striking pinstripe castor wheels to quickly create separate workstations or rearrange the entire room with ease.