Hallway Storage Unit

About the Project

Asked to design a bespoke storage unit for an unusual space in a busy family home, we put together this striking Birch ply and blue Valchromat piece.


Confined functionality was key for this project and every element was designed with a solution in mind. Behind the top doors are adjustable shelves for housing seasonal outdoor wear when not in regular use, whilst the large drawers at the bottom of the unit were specifically sized to accommodate the children’s school folders.


The irregular shape of the middle section not only adds to the unit’s unique character, it also takes into account the glass doors to the side. The distinct cutaway design means the unit takes full advantage of the limited space without boxing off the doorway or blocking out any natural light.


The unit was built to last as part of the family home, so every attention was put into the smallest detail. The easy-access doors and drawer fronts are finished in scratch-resistant and self-healing laminate whilst the custom, colour-matched hooks help draw the eye to the middle section as the focal point of the unit but also keep it from looking cluttered.